Juha Jaervinen

Artist, Propsmaker, Photographer, Videographer

Juha Jarvinen is a  multi-faceted artist and adventurer from Finland.  He recently transitioned from a traditional woodworker to the digital world of film. Juha is a  cameraman and storyteller.

His ever-busy mind drives him to take on new creative challenges. This allows him to try and test new things. He is focused and hardworking, and able to adapt to almost any environment, therefore he feels at home in the studio and the field. In the cold of Northern Europe or the heat of Western Africa, all is one of the same. The whole world is his set and the humans upon it, his cast.

Life and the creative process can be a struggle for many, but there is no struggle that he runs from instead he sees the challenges faced along the way as simple things to face head-on.

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