Juha Jaervinen

    I’m a versatile, creative artist from Finland.  Always creative, in recent years I have transitioned from physical crafts of wood work, to the digital world of film.  I am both cameraman and storyteller.

    My ever-busy mind drives me to take on new creative challenges, to try and test new things to see what is possible.  I am focused and hardworking, able to adapt to almost any environment.  From the studio to the field, from the cold of Northern Europe to the heat of Western Africa, all places are my domain.

    The whole world is my set and the humans upon it my cast. I hope to portray the positives of humanity through the camera as I see it through my eyes.

    When pushed to create, and succeed in difficult circumstances I push back with all my might.  I fear no hunger, tiredness, or body soreness when I am chasing a deadline to come up with a result.  Life and the creative process can be a struggle, but there is no struggle that I run from and I see the challenges faced along the way as simply things to be faced head on.

    The camera is my friend and with it I seek out stories of substance and emotion to tell.

    I am introverted and most often you will see me busy behind the scenes making things happen but don’t confuse my quietness with a lack of wit or creativity – I let that show through in my work.

    I am Juha Jaervinen, artist and adventurer from the North.

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