• Es ist ein Vergnügen mit Nici zusammen zuarbeiten. Sie hat immer Ideen und Lösungvorschläge. July 4, 2014, Petra was with another company when working with Nici at World Color Studio

    Petra Fassbender Kostümbildnerin bei freiberuflich
  • It was a great pleasure working with Nici! She had a way of communication very clearly and make the film scoring experience very smooth. Thank you! July 11, 2014, Hans was a consultant or contractor to Nici at World Color Studio

    Hans Hafner Film Composer
  • Nici Brückner is a very intelligent, diligent and very capable producer. She is/was a joy to work with. She is detailed and efficient. Regards, David June 9, 2014, David worked directly with Nici at World Color Studio

    David Wurawa Actor kudos Film and Television
  • Nici is a pleasure to work with. She is organized and on top of things while being understanding, friendly, and flexible when needed. She was able to adjust time schedules when necessary and keep everyone working at their best. She also was able to jump in and help with props, costume organization, scene settings and wherever else someone from the crew or cast needed assistance. I felt very confident in my own job and able to focus on what I needed to do with her working on the set keeping everything running smoothly. Any cast and crew is lucky to have her on board. August 24, 2013, Johanna worked directly with Nici at Verein Achtung berlin e.V. Festival TV Co Producer with Alex TV -Verein achtung berlin e.V

    Johanna Blackstone The Inventor! Singer, Musician, Writer at The Clockwork Faerie
  • Hochtalentiert ! November 4, 2013, Samir was with another company when working with Nici at Mokoari Street Productions

    Samir Osman Agent bei Agentur Osman
  • Nici Brückner is one of the people I would always work with again. She has a broad knowledge and is absolutely trustworthy and loyal to her partners. I can nothing but recommend her as a producer! June 10, 2014, Hannah was Nici's client

    Hannah Stockmann Film Producer, Writer, Editor
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