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Set in Berlin, the supposedly open-minded and multi-cultural capital of Germany, the movie explores the everyday lives of three couples, Teboho & Sarah, Mothusi & Anna and Bokang & Joyce. Each of those couples live very differently from each other, yet they are connected through friendship and they all have one thing in common: their relationships are always under general suspicion, their love is constantly being questioned.

Plot Outline

Teboho just recently moved to Berlin to live with his wife Sarah. Pretty soon after his arrival he is confronted by racism and the typically German stereotypes of Black People. The couple soon finds friends that are going through similar difficulties.

Title: No Story is just black and white!

 Crew Role:  Production Manager,1st AD,Set Photographer

Writer,Director,Producer: – Hannah Stockmann

DOP: – Jeremiah Mosese

Executive Producer: – Mokoari Street Productions

Shoot Date: 2013

Location: Berlin – Germany

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