Feature Film

Title USVA

Jera is a likes 16-year-old living in Berlin city. He has the world at his feet, it appears. His busy father forces him to visit his Sami grandparents in far north Lapland over the holidays. He has no desire to leave his friends, let alone go to his grandparent’s home at -20 degrees. It’s also the place that he had not been back to since his mother’s funeral four years ago. Memories and emotions are steered up once back in his mother’s childhood home, and he fights to take on any of the Sami teachings from his grandparents. An accident far from civilisation forces him to embrace his mother’s culture to save his grandfather’s life as he fights for his place of belonging between the two cultures.


Writer / Producer-Nici Brückner (Germany)
Associate Producer- Juha Jarvinen  (Finland)
Production Company-World Color Studio
Genre – Coming of age, Adventure Drama
Language -German, Swedish and Sami language,

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