A popular Berlin youth, disillusioned with life searches for his place between two cultures as he fights for his survival in the harsh winter Lapland.

We search for belonging, for love, for friendship, we search for happiness. We have an inherent desire to belong and feel that we are part of something greater.

What if we let go of this need for constant reassurance from the outside world, the validation from others that we are ok, what if we let go and remove the deep seeded fear to stand on our own and listen to our inner voices.

If we indeed turn inwards to listen – would we drift into oblivion and cease to exist or would we rise like a phoenix.

Title:       Usva      ( working title)  Feature

Production CompanyWorld Color Studio
Producer-Nici Brückner (Germany)
Associate Producer- Juha Jarvinen  (Finland)
Still Photographer – Liane Gruda (Germany)
Screenplay-Nici Brückner
Director-Nici Brückner
Country- Germany, Sweden, Finland
Genre– Drama
Language –German, Swedish and Sami language,
Satus-  Pre-Production

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