The Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin (FFFB) was 2019 created to support up and coming female filmmakers talents from different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities, who have a unique stories to tell. The annual five-day film event features screenings of international short & feature films of all genres as well as a hand-picked selection of music videos, panels, networking sessions and more. Our festival highlights and celebrates women in key, principal positions in filmmaking. Whether it be a producer, director, cinematographer, writer, or lead editor.


The Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin provides a platform to support and amplify diversified voices of women in film and music from across the globe in order to enable more females to share and be awarded for their filmmaking talents.

FILM CAMP’S 2015-2017

Over several years, we had a large influx of unaccompanied minors out of the warzones in the middle east here in Europe. -Kulture Macht stark – enabled us to run some 10-day film workshops with these young people out in berlin Brandenburg. The idea was quite simple, a chance for them to meet some of the locals, live together, cook together and learn to write stories which we then would film and edit with them.