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Nici Brückner is an artist, film producer, director and screenwriter .  She grew up with a strong politically driven subculture and a vibrant arts scene in East Berlin. Never excepted anything on face value, but instead learned to prise open the different facades life would deal her

She completed a bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of Tasmania – The School of Visual & Performing Arts in Australia under the watchful eye of Ray Norman and David Marsden both acclaimed visual Artist.

Working with Dinosaur Design in Sydney, which are recognized as one of Australia’s most successful design companies was the ground work for her to establish her own successful jewellery design label. Djiouf Jewellery was unique in the global marketplace in the 90’s, as it launched the world first sterling silver/gold & semi-precious stones interchangeable jeweller system.
As a lover of music she also worked as a large dance party promotor in Sydney before family life would take her to the coastal town of Byron Bay where she opened a Fashion retail boutique.

Following her creative journey and finding a way to combine all of her passions she completed a diploma in Screen and Media. She has established her own Film Production Company –  now based in Berlin. She has worked to date on several international film projects from the USA, Australia and Germany, specializing in film production, producing ,directing and screenwriting.

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