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Nici Brückner is an artist, filmmaker, producer, director, and screenwriter. As Creative Director of her own film production company, World Color Studio in Berlin, she continues to use her excellent communication and decision-making skills, team leadership and project management and organizational know-how for multiple clients and audiences in English and German. Her company vision is to: 1) create and produce inspiring films and documentaries that address real-life themes affecting a wider community, and 2) provide a collaboration platform for different artists from around the world. Her life ethos: “I think above borders or limitations and believe the world is my market, not a country or a city. Deep down, I believe we all need and want the same things in life.” 

Over the years, Nici has contributed to numerous international film productions and has established a large network of professional filmmakers in Australia, China, Germany, Finland, Sweden and the USA. Her portfolio of digital work includes producing: documentary films, short films, TV series pilot, music and promotional videos. Her core competencies are in set operation, casting, production, wardrobe, acting, costumes, props, producing, art, directing, and scriptwriting. In 2008, she received the Outstanding Achievement Award, the Brian McDuffy Award, from the International Film College Australia.

Her multi-faceted personality has been shaped by growing up with a strong politically driven subculture and a vibrant arts scene of the “former Eastern part of Berlin, Germany”. After moving around a lot through schools, countries, and cultures, this fostered a deeper appreciation of diversity and a broader intercultural understanding of different societies. Following her creative journey and finding a way to combine all of her passions, she obtained a diploma in Screen and Media at the International Film College, Gold Coast QLD, Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of Tasmania – The School of Visual & Performing Arts in Australia under the watchful eye of Ray Norman and David Marsden both acclaimed visual artists.

Her career experience includes working with Dinosaur Design in Sydney, one of Australia’s most successful design companies. This laid the groundwork for her to establish her own successful jewelry design label, Djiouf Jewelry. This was unique in the global marketplace in the 1990’s, as it launched the world first sterling silver/gold & semi-precious stones interchangeable jeweler system. As a lover of music, she also worked as a large dance party promoter in Sydney before family life would take her to the coastal town of Byron Bay where she opened a Fashion retail boutique.


Nici is active in several professional organizations including , Woman in Film and Television (WIFT), Crew United, Hub Dot, and Digital Diva Deluxe. Special volunteer and outreach work  with the Green Geko project and film camps “Land und Leute.”

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