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Film Production Services At Worldcolorstudio, we provide the following services for your film and music video production needs. Local Film Crew Research Location Scouting Casting Equipment Scheduling Catering Accommodation Equipment

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NICI BRÜCKNER - PRODUCER & DIRECTOR   Nici Brückner founded Worldcolorstudios in 2008 while living in Australia. Worldcolorstudios focuses on both the production of short and feature films, as well as documentaries and music videos with an inclusive lens. Brückner is a German film producer, director, and screenwriter of mixed race (German /Senegalese) who is [...]


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Worldcolorstudio provides film production, music media, photography, location and brand placement services.  We look forward to helping you with your digitally creative needs during these pandemic times. Based in Berlin, Germany. We are located in the epicenter of European innovation and look forward to working with you! " We believe in bringing peoples' stories to [...]


Juha Jaervinen I’m a versatile, creative artist from Finland.  Always creative, in recent years I have transitioned from physical crafts of wood work, to the digital world of film.  I am both cameraman and storyteller. My ever-busy mind drives me to take on new creative challenges, to try and test new things to see what [...]


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